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Michael Krasowitz:
Art represents for me an opportunity to express the best of myself, an opportunity to transcend the borders of my existence. I approach my work as if the artwork exists in a space beyond my consious worldview, and brings me to a higher state of consiousness by the manifestation of the work.

Heru is an internationally known spoken word poet. He has released three critically acclaimed spoken word poetry albums entitled, Volume 1: Mystery School, Volume 2: The Nephew of Nebthet, and Volume 3: African Mathematics.

Benton-C Bainbridge:
Benton-C Bainbridge has "played" movies in realtime for over two decades, making live audiovisuals with musicians, dancers, actors and visual artists around the world. Using custom analog, digital and optical systems, Benton-C seeks to capture music's human abstraction in moving pictures.
"Shakerleg is the most intense subway performer we’ve ever seen or heard. One look at Shakerleg’s wildstyle, stick-free, bare-knuckle drumming and you know he’s more concerned with this moment than a long term career in drumming." - Jose Serrano/ octomoto.com



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