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Dave Dalessandro:
"There is something about Dalessandro's art that gets me going. Maybe it is the simple lines that manage to convey a message; the perspective of the drawing, the harmony of the colors, or the combination of them all. What ever the reasons maybe, I like it. It is a great example of "less being more".
Jackie Sheeler:
Jackie Sheeler is a native New Yorker, an award-winning poet, and a renegade. She wrote one prizewinning book of poems and edited a second, curates a weekly reading series at Cornelia Street Café, and founded www.poetz.com. She's presently recording & touring with her rock & roll band, Talk Engine.
Nick Zedd:
Nick Zedd, the King of Underground Films continues to threaten the status quo with subversive movies, books and television. A highly influential artist of visionary insight, his discoveries include the Theory of Xenomorphosis and the Cinema of Transgression,a revolutionary movement he spearheaded in New York whose adherents utilize shock value and black humor to undermine the consensus reality of the world's dominant hierarchies.
Black Flamingo:
"...“black flamingo has a daring, homegrown sound with a punk rock heart. Her music gets to the point, while rudely dancing around and mocking the rules of traditional rock”…She is totally NYC, sexy, real, very entertaining & always leaves you smiling"



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