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Jack Anderson:
I'm constantly changing........ The colors I use.... my subject matter... the way the subjects are portrayed. I draw much of my inspiration from my Native American/Afro American roots. It is all reflected in my work. I am a self taught painter from the Bricks.... Newark NJ... a graduate of the Jerzee School of Hard Knocks ... Brick City Campus (corner of Bergen and Hawthrone). I paint what I feel and feel what I paint.

Zero Boy:
Entertainer, performance artist, stand-up comic & "vocal acrobat" Zero Boy recounts his zany adventures through a unique blend of sound and mime, the results being something akin to a performed comic book. MTV's M2 network has featured his unique work and he was recently featured on WNYC’s ‘The Next Big Thing’ and "Good Day New York".

Jim C.:
"Jim C., aka James Cornwell, seeks to break down barriers between various artistic disciplines. He first emerged as an artist in New York during the East Village art explosion of the 1980s. Jim C.'s art includes the creation of several conceptual "galleries" (Magic, Nada and New Stand), ambient live video, street murals and painting. Art, or cultural production, weaves many strands of process into a unified whole.

Laura Thomas:
Funky and fierce, Laura Thomas is a New York City based singer-songwriter. Classically trained and emotionally raw, Laura's voice resonates with searing subtleties and complexities. The Village Voice recently praised her for her "thick-skinned song-poems in jazzoid rhythms."



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