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Charles Basman:
I am a painter working in a traditional impressionistic style. My main focus is landscape painting, which enables me to paint nature in the open air, which I enjoy mainly because it enables me to capture things quickly, like the changing light of the day.

One of NYC's most controversial spoken-word artist, Baron.'s style is vivid and captivating. His work is honest, passionate and candid. Speaking on the divisive community issues regarding love, family, community, and homosexuality, Baron. Undoubtedly lets the world know his belief that our similarities as humans will always outweigh our differences as individuals.

Dara Bratt:
A native Canadian, Dara has just graduated with her MFA in film from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. Her short documentary, entitled Hello, Pickles? was accepted to a number of festivals including winning third place at FirstGlanceHollywood. She is currently in production on a feature length documentary and a short narrative film.
things outside the skin:
Aggro-tech electronics for your industrial shaker. "So offensive that I contemplated piercing my eardrums with a ball-point pen." - Industrial Nation



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