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Eddie Alfaro:
"I have grown up in the shadow of New York City and have been greatly influenced by its energy. My artistic influences are diverse, ranging from poets to painters and musicians : Kerouac to Cobain , Michelangelo to Picasso, Da Vinci, Brando, Pacino, Deniro, and the bands Nirvana, Pink Floyd, The Ramones, The Beatles, Tool, and Social Distortion. Music is very important to me and my artwork, I draw to music a lot. I believe art is a sacred thing"
The Green Circus:
The Green Circus is a team of clowns, artists and teachers whose mission is to educate the public about more ecologically sustainable ways of living. Through performances, workshops and videos, which include singing, clowning, yoga, puppetry, animation, homemade instruments and laughter meditation we are "Saving the Planet One Clown at a Time".
Gisela Sanders Alcantara:
"Originally from Mexico City, Gisela started her career as a
contemporary dancer, later she started exploring images rather than movement and like that, she started working in film and video. At first she worked supporting other artist, assisting and learning from bigger filmmakers. Then she developed her own project, doing a TV series on the creative process of dancers and choreographers. Later on, she came to New York to earn a master's degree in documentary film."
Langhorne Slim:
"Langhorne's songs come out of American vernacular music -- the race and hillbilly sounds that peaked in the '20s and '30s in what Greil Marcus so famously called 'the old, weird America.' Well, Langhorne makes music for the new, weird America. It's not like it's political music, it's just that we live in intense times and Langhorne brings it all back home in the form of music."



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