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Beat Boxing Circus Freaks
Bread Fetish Foot

There once was an artist
That liked to make beats with his mouth.
Then there was one with bread on his feet,
That spoke like he was from the south.

I once heard the story,
Of the artist that painted the weird.
But then there is the one of the artist,
That filmed the woman, with a beard!

Once again “ART or something like it!” introduces the world to four more incredible artists. First we meet Adam Matta, beat boxer, multi media artist, painter, and much much more. Then we enter the world of Russ LaChanse, introducing us to drunken cows, bread fetish clubs and a suspicious pancake. Next up we meet Nick Basile director of the new feature “American Carny: True Tales From the Circus Sideshow,” “Slasher Flick,” “The Man Who Knew Bell Star,” as well as many more amazing films. Finally, we get to the one and only banjo player that requires only one name…the amazing Breadfoot, performing some music from his latest record “Tea With Leo,” as well as a tune from his next record. So hitch a ride with “A.O.S.L.I!” as we go from Staten Island, to Williamsburg Brooklyn, and all the way out to Coney Island to meet these unique artists. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

With Special Appearences by Scott McCloud & Lloyd Kaufman

Click here to watch the Adam Matta perform his "A.O.S.L.I!" Theme Song!

Click here to see Adam Matta perform with his favorite
Sun Conure "Kimba": Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Click here to watch Breadfoot perform "For My Sake"

Click here to watch Breadfoot perform "Valentine"

Click here to watch Breadfoot perform "South 4th and Bedford"

Click here to watch Breadfoot perform "International Esther"


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