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S2 Ep9

Thrills, chills and spills in this all new artistic “AOSLI!” adventure. First we get horrified, massacred, sliced, diced and have the stuffing scared out of us when we brave the horrific art of Martinia Secondo Russo on location in the lower east side in her very own MF Gallery. Then, before going on tour with the world renown Cirque Du Soleil, Eric Davis (A.K.A. The Red Bastard) hung out with “AOSLI!” for a little bouffon and clown action. Afterwards, we get serenaded in multiple languages by the beautifully exotic voice of Smadar Levi. And finally, our minds are expanded with the mind boggling masterful kinetic animated sculptures of Gregory Barsamian. This is the last episode of “AOSLI!” for season two, so soak up as much art as you can. Sit back relax and enjoy the show!!!!

Special guests:
Jihad Jerry (AKA Gerald V. Casale), Bill Plympton, Frank Russo, Seido Salifiski, Harel Shachal, Uri Sharlin, Meg Okura, Andy Cutton, Albi

Martina Secondo Russo
Eric Davis
Smadar Levi
Gregory BArsamian
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